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I've been really into this band lately and I thought that I should share. The band is called Peachcake and they are prolly one of the few remaining bands alive today, still using a keytar. It's two guys who make electro-pop that sounds like the perfect mix of the Postal Service and Depeche Mode (and if you don't like either, still check these guys out. I'm not a Depeche Mode fan by any means yet these guys are my favorite new band of the year). The music is just really good. The lyrics are usually easy to digest and always relatable, but they're not sappy or anything. These guys, in a very few matter of days, have managed to sneak up onto my favorite bands ever list.



They're also really nice too. Stefen (the vocalist) is sending me some of the bands newer demos. They don't have any music for sale right now, but they have some kick ass t-shirts up on their site.

I hope you enjoy the magic that is Peachcake.





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