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Well, it's almost 2006...

It's almost 2k6, what better time to discuss the albums that really stuck around from '03 & '04? The test of time is far more telling than any year end list I've ever come across.

I'll kick it off... for '03, the Rocket Summer's Calendar Days, the Postal Service's Give Up, the Format's Interventions & Lullabies both get pretty regular play around here... it actually took me a month or so start really listening to the new Rocket Summer record, I was still stuck on Calendar Days.

For '04... Head Automatica's Decadence, the Get Up Kids' Guilt Show, Of Montreal's Satanic Panic in the Attic, Rilo Kiley's More Adventurous, the Thrills' Let's Bottle Bohemia, Jimmy Eat World's Futures, & Squad Five-O's Late News Breaking all received tons & tons of play this year. In fact, I spent so much time listening to those albums that it made it difficult to get to know a lot of this year's releases. Especially the Get Up Kids & Thrills records... I wore those guys out.

<3 Jon.
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